Taking A Break

We’ve just had a few days away visiting Amsterdam and Antwerp, our first holiday abroad since the COVID times.

A few weeks before taking this break, I had been attending The Golden Hour at The Novelry via Zoom, where a group of writers would sit in silence and write for one hour. I found that being able to see the others hard at work encouraged me to keep going, and I felt less isolated. In just one hour a day, over fifteen days, I doubled my word count from 13,000 to 26,000. I returned from holiday yesterday and will start attending The Golden Hour again, which is running until Christmas. Hopefully, I will have the first draft of this new novel completed and ready to tackle the rewrite. I am thoroughly enjoying writing in a notebook during this time, then typing up the pages and undertaking the first edit as I do so.

Being on holiday has helped broaden my mind – I even managed to speak French when ordering food and shopping in Antwerp, even though almost everyone spoke English. I spent time reading The Past by Tessa Hadley and The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, but only managed to handwrite a few pages of my new novel. However, the break has fired up my brain, and I can’t wait for the hour to begin at one o’clock today.

The photo above is a statue of Nello and his dog, a Belgium equivalent of our story of The Little Match Girl. Nello was homeless and visited the Antwerp cathedral every day to look at the Rubens paintings, which he loved. One winter’s day, both Nello and his dog were found dead in the cathedral. Antwerp is a stunning city, with beautiful Medieval architecture and the cathedral of Our Lady housing some gorgeous Rubens paintings as well as some modern sculpture. I will post some photos below. We also visited Amsterdam, but for some reason, I haven’t managed to upload the photos.

As much as I enjoyed my time away, I’m happy to be back at my desk to work on my new novel; I did miss my daily writing routine. After posting this, I will type up what I wrote whilst away and kick my brain into writing gear.

Thank you for reading this, and Happy Word Flow One & All


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