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Obsessed with WIP

I have been remiss at writing my blog as I’ve been totally obsessed with my WIP – Dark Edges (WT, but may stick if nothing better comes along). Of course as a wife… Continue reading

It’s not a race – it’s all about pace

I have currently typed up 47,740 words on my WIP – Dark Edges – but I am mindful of the fact that I keep thinking the whole process is a race. There is… Continue reading

Showing & Telling

I didn’t realise how time consuming having a blog was. Life outside of writing eats into precious time like a ravaging tornado. I have been focusing on current WIP – psychological thriller –… Continue reading

Dear Diary Ramblings

I keep reading in articles and text books to “never give up” “persistence is the key” and “it took me 10yrs but I made it”. Yes, yes I say to myself with a… Continue reading

Define yourself – I’m Black Romance

I picked up an old copy (2009) of Writing Magazine and read a article on the debut novelist Hilary Dixon. Apparently, she read in the Guardian about the dearth of love stories in… Continue reading

When the confidence goes – what to do?

I have sadly been struck by the ‘I am a pants writer’ disease. It has nibbled away at me for a few days before erupting into the full blown disease. I have hidden… Continue reading