White Rabbits

Today has been a moderately successful day so far and the weather is inspirational and beautiful although a little on the chilly side.

I thought I’d let you know how I go about my writing. I like to write the first draft in a notebook -preferably sitting in the conservatory with a steaming mug of fresh coffee – allowing the words to flow as freely as the ink in the pen.
I then edit the work as I type it up. Once the novel is completed, I print it off then edit again – I find editing on paper easier than on screen.

Sometimes I can’t write as fast as my brain works whereas at other times, I find myself staring at a blank page – at least the stark white paper isn’t shouting at me to hurry up which I feel the cursor does on the screen – COME ON it blinks at me repetitively.

The word count for On God’s Front Lawn is 80,000.

My current word count for Almost An Affair is 5,859 so as you see, I have a long way to go.

Waiting for the agents to get back to me is mind numbingly torturous and on weekdays, I can’t resist checking my emails far to regularly – thank God for the weekends.

I have had one rejection as they no longer needed my genre – which is Women’s Fiction by the way. Each time I get a rejection, I send another one off from a list of carefully selected agents I have made.
I understand that perseverance is the key to success – I do hope so.

Have a good day One & All

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