Not enough hours in the day

Words flowed freely earlier today, although I found myself embroiled with one character whom I thought was only a bit part. He has managed to get himself quite a good role which will help link in all the other characters – what a clever man.

Unfortunately, I don’t have staff and I can’t write a novel in a hovel, so after washing up, hoovering & ironing, I was able to settle down with a mug of coffee and my notebook – I have s yet to type it all up – again, I have no admin available – where have I gone wrong.

The relief of not having to check emails over the weekend from potential agents was blown away by periodic checking today – even though I know it’s still too early to hear from them.

I am now worried that the hook of my book is too middle of the road – characters with flaws & they are sometimes unlikeable, men & women alike. They have a journey to make to redeem themselves – or not as the case may be. But is this enough?

I have read that you should write about topics that you enjoy writing about and not what you think the agents are looking for – but are the agents that open minded or do they follow an agenda?

I’m still feeling positive but watch this space – it could go either way 🙂

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