The day I lost my flow-jo

Life generally got in the way this morning, but by 11am, I was into the groove with Ch3. Words were flowing, ideas were stimulating every brain cell and mugs of fresh coffee were consumed.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, I lost my flow-jo. Had I finished Ch3 – should I start Ch4 with the daughter or should I continue Ch3 with the daughter as a new section. Questions, questions and no ruddy answers.

I had spent longer on the protagonists brother than I intended to, but he needed the chance to show me whether he was gay or not. He then became an important factor in bringing the protagonist and her nemesis together, albeit later in the story, but I’m laying the foundations.

Word count 7,820 – so creeping up slowly, although i feel this WIP will surpass the 80,000 of second novel – but maybe too soon to tell.

I have resisted checking emails too often today – you could say no news is good news, but I remain less positive than that old adage.

I don’t want to put people off trying to write – everyone is rejected at one time or another – there’s no shame in that. I enjoy the process of writing as it enhances my life, so that is my daily gain.

See you soon One & All

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