A big fat envelope dropped through the letterbox and my handwriting was on the front. I stopped for a minute to compose myself, but then I thought an agent wouldn’t return my synopsis etc if they wanted to see more would they?

Anyway, the letter thanked me, rejected me and then wished me luck elsewhere.

I’m now left with forcing myself to be upbeat but inside I am wilting; I mean, I’m writing another novel – each time I feel my writing gets better – but if On God’s Front Lawn fails, should I stop altogether, or should I keep improving and keep trying. Personally, I like the latter, but is there a time to stop, I wonder?

As I mentioned on Twitter, apparently, JK Rowling received 9 rejections for the first Harry Potter, persistence is the key.

Hello to new followers & welcome – please feel free to leave comments if you have the urge.

I have 5 more agents to reject me – so watch this space & hope that a joyous blog is coming in the near future.

Have a fruitful time One & All

4 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. Don't stop writing whatever you do! Rejection is part of writing. I've read about soooo many now-wildly successful authors who've received hundreds of rejections. They hurt. I know. Anyone who writes and actively submits anything–poetry, short stories, magazine articles or novels–knows about rejection.

    Chin up. Butt in chair. Hands on keyboard. You can do it! (People tell me I should be a motivational writer or speaker. However, when it happens to me I seem to forget all my great advice. 🙂


  2. It's hard not to take the rejection personally so I can understand why you might be wilting. I don't want to offer you platitudes when you feel this way but keep writing through the funk and do something lovely for yourself! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the next letter is NOT a rejection 🙂


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