Preserve my sanity and have a coffee.

I have that irritating twitch that keeps pressing the check my e-mail button.

I am acting irrationally, as I can’t expect a reply for at least another week from the agents, and all by email except for one.

Another irrational thought is that someone will read my work and think – just what I’m looking for! I am laughing aloud as I write this – is this blog for the fantasy world or what!

Seriously though, I received a fabulous direct message from a 16yr old published author, encouraging me to keep trying to get my work published. There are sometimes snippets of cheer and strength that filter through the murky waters on the net – we just have to keep looking for them.

The word count for my current WIP is 10,775 – and although I say it myself, I think my writing is improving the more I do it. The enjoyment never fails, I love the world I create though not always the characters within that world. It’s boring to be nice all the time, a little but of naughtiness and mischief always adds to a spicy and interesting interlude between the characters.

It’s time for a coffee break and to ponder the next scene in Almost a Affair , things are beginning to hot up in that world and I’m keen to see what the characters think they should do.

Take care One & All

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