Are Agents only seeking rose-tinted novels?

Whilst reading another blog, it reminded me of a time when I tested the waters with my first novel The Art of Rolling.

Granted, it wasn’t a cheery novel – it followed only three characters, one who suffered with MS, one who suffered with bi-polar and the last character suffered with self perpetuating depression and a destructive streak within his personality.
The denouement finds one character pregnant but unable to secure the relationship she wanted, she commits suicide. That leaves the other two feeling somewhat responsible for her demise.

What I am trying to say is that I tried this novel ‘out there’ with only three agents and the resounding feedback was that it was too depressing – when the world needed joy and hope because of the recession.

Although I am a sociable person, up to a point, I am drawn to writing about flawed characters with some emotional distress – lets face it, my all time favourite novel is Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar.

I am currently working on a piece that may or may not have a rose-tinted ending – perhaps I’ll wait and see if we’re still in a recession and choose my ending accordingly.

2 thoughts on “Are Agents only seeking rose-tinted novels?

  1. I am similarly drawn to flawed characters and the end I have in mind for my WIP is one of acceptance rather than a resolved sunshine and roses job.

    I rate The Bell Jar as a favourite too, particularly poignant given the nature of Plath's own demise.


  2. Lovely to know I'm not alone – I think your idea of acceptance is fantastic – I would like to read novels like yours. However, I still wonder whether sugar sweet is preferable to the Agents…hmmmm


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