A change is a good as a rest

I was feeling jaded the other day – hence no post – however, I have started another WIP, for a competition, that contains violence and tension and I’m loving it.

It’s an outlet for different emotions and it feels liberating to use words that wouldn’t normally feature in my other works. It may lead me nowhere but I’m so enthusiastic about it, that normal life is getting in the way. I want to be glued to my laptop all day, but with a family expecting a meal in the evening, the kitchen often beckons. Tonight we’re having Jewish chicken soup – recipe given to me by our Jewish neighbour – it’s now a family favourite.

I have left it until now to say that I got another rejection email sent at 7.10pm the other evening. I didn’t notice the email until about 10 at night, so it didn’t offer me the sweet dreams I had hoped for. Anyway, there are still more irons in the proverbial fire, so fingers crossed that someone will recognise that my work has potential – sell it girl.

Next week is half term, so I won’t have all the time in the world to ponder over scenes and character flaws – but I can still daydream about their world and plot lines.

Enjoy your writing experiences One & All

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