I have been pondering about genre these last few days. Since commencing the competition WIP that is more like a thriller, I’m not sure where I stand anymore.

I thought women’s fiction was my niche, but I do like crime novels & programmes.

I feel that to write crime, one has to have a certain way of problem solving with the brain function. Hence, I’m not sure that I have that skill – but how do I know unless I try?
However, should I waste time trying, or is the time spent writing whatever genre empowering & skill developing – I would tend to say “yes”.

Some writers friends i communicate with tend to have more of a hook to their novel – perhaps the supernatural and fantasy genre already have a hook in their name – women’s fiction can sound bland & a bit non descript.

I’m concentrating on the competition WIP as it has a date for submission, whereas my novel WIP is only there for me currently – oh how my heart -and of many others – longs for an agent to take note & throw me hurtling towards a publisher.

Tomorrow brings the beginning of the week for email checking – Heaven help me!

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