Interest at last

I checked my email late last night to find that an agent had contacted me to request 3 chapters following my query email. I was initially excited at the thought of someone finally being interested in my work.

I am more sanguine this morning and I check the agency’s web page again and notice that so far none of thew clients have their work with a publisher. Now this is a new agency and I am an aspiring author – everyone has to start somewhere – so I cannot judge the agency for just starting out.

My point is, if further interest is shown, I feel I should give the agency the chance to show their capabilities just like they would be doing with me.

However, this is the first step on the rung and it may lead nowhere, so I have to check my daydreams and continue to work on the two WIP I have underway.

It’s great to dream & hopefully the proverbial dream will come true.

Happy word flow folks

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