I need distraction from the waiting game

My word, I’m at it again – checking and re-checking my emails to see if an agent has left me a favourable message. I suppose at least i haven’t had another rejection – but there’s still time for that today.

A Twitter friend told me to keep sending the novel out to small chunks of agents and I loved what she said. It’s often late in the evening when I trawl the Internet looking for suitable agents and I bookmark them. However, when I think about what my Twitter friend said, I drop anchor and wait until another rejection hits me before I reach out again.

The waiting is so darn difficult as it’s long and it can be ultimately unrewarding.

I have put the comp WIP aside and moved back to my novel Almost an Affair as a change of pace and scenery as Lord knows I need it. This novel is slightly more complex than On God’s Front Lawn as there are more characters and sub plots.

I have also bookmarked some small publishing houses to consider as I note from looking at writing sites and reading writing magazines that some people have more success with this route.

Well folks, this has offered some distraction from checking my emails and I will resist checking after this and return to my current WIP – although no promises!

Happy word flow One & All

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