Is it just me?

So far this week I’ve received no rejections – but I’m worried that they’ll all arrive in one swoop and I’ll crumble under the emotional strain – or perhaps I’ll have an alcoholic beverage before 18h00.

Is it just me, or do other aspiring authors feel a bit deflated when the day has ended and there’s still be no news – will I grow out of it?

Last night I trawled lots of literary agents blogs and found that they all said how hard it was to get their attention – gulp – not a good thing to do late at night.

However, one thing I did agree with is that the first novel can often be the practice one – mine certainly was – and I’m now on my third and if I dare say so myself – my writing has improved with time, effort and study. Maybe my current WIP will be the one, in which case, 2010 will be another year of hard work, editing, re-writes and moments of low self-esteem.

I take comfort in the knowledge that one of my favourite authors – Anita Brookner – didn’t get her first novel published until she was 53yrs, I believe. However, that’s an awful long time for me to wait – sigh.

Perhaps I‘ll hear today, perhaps I won’t, but I’m going to keep trying and improving.

The garden is full of blue and great tits – so at least nature is smiling on me!

Happy word flow One & All

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