On God’s Front Lawn – a taster

I thought I’d give you dear readers a taster of my novel that I finally sent to a few agents after a lot of work and re-working.

Chapter One
Moving to the coast seemed like a good idea when they viewed the area and the properties in the summer. The sky was a vivid blue with a bright sun daubed in the centre of the canopy. The sea drifted lazily to and fro and the milling crowds eating ice-cream and dressed crab gave the impression of being a holiday haven, and life appeared idyllic once more.

Today however, with the grey mantle overhead and only crowds of seagulls to fill the holiday void, the area was less appealing.

‘Don’t look so glum Em, it was bound to look less idyllic on a normal English day,’ remarked Daniel as he caught a glimpse of Emma’s expressive face, with her wrinkled up nose and slight down turn of mouth.

‘It feels less welcoming, as though we’re bringing bad karma with us,’ she sighed.

Daniel shrugged off Emma’s morose feelings and drew up behind the removals van which had pulled up outside a detached house, positioned slightly back from the road.

Not sure if this was enough to wet your appetite – if anyone is interested, I could write some more.
Remember this is a contemporary women’s fiction with a romantic core genre – so I do know that some of my followers will not be interested.

A new week begins – anytime soon I could receive a yay or nay from an agent – the sun is shining but my nose is running.

Happy word flow One & All

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