The Joys of Twitter

A rejection letter flopped through the letterbox and I was instantaneously transported to failures-ville, thinking that my genre didn’t fit in and that I was unmarketable – poor me syndrome kicking in.

I logged onto Twitter and a fellow writer – Jammer 0501 – James Killick – who’s blog you can connect to via this site, made me laugh as we began talking about my love of Anita Brookner and how I don’t write about vampires.

Anyway, he challenged me to write a short story combining the Brookner – Vampire genres and I’ve already written a page and a half – when finished, I will see if a writers’ mag would publish it.

So out of the gloom, I’m reignited and swilling new words and thoughts around my brain.

I’m now also approaching a couple of publishing houses to see if I would do better there – I can’t give up – I don’ want to and all writers have highs and lows – I could do with more highs though.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably on Twitter – if not, tempt yourself into another dimension – it really can perk you up with the french fries are down.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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