Being brave & getting out there

I have often pondered about using the site but I was rather unsure about the site and my own ability in writing.

Through Twitter I follow mutually James K and he’s already on the site – in the Top 10 actually.

So with a bag of minstrels by my side, I start joining the site – although I did need my teenage daughter to copy and paste as my brain had lost its flexibility. Thank God for teenage daughters!

i will do my first review on the site so that someone will read mine – I hope I’m not too shocked by the comments, but lets face it, there’s no point in carrying on if the ability isn’t there, or I need to change direction.

I was anxious that someone would take my words or ideas, but I’m not that conceited to think that someone would find that necessary.

I’ve had a positive day writing my current WIP and I am over the rejection I received yesterday, yes I did feel down yesterday but i bounced back very quickly – one has to in this game n’est pas?

This is brief as it’s late and i need my beauty sleep – tomorrow is another bright day and i want to be a part of it.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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