Thoughts of the day

I’m enjoying as I’ve reviewed 2 pieces of work, so 2 more to go then I can read what others have said about mine. On reading the works, I realised how well other people write – not that I ever doubted it – and what competition is out there to tempt the agents and publishers.

Does this make me want to turn and run – no – it makes me want to write better and work harder. I think my current WIP is perhaps better written that the previous one – but perhaps all writers feel that way about their work?

I have entered 2 competitions recently but i expect to come nowhere as i made some rudimentary mistakes that I only spotted afterwards – less haste blah blah.

I have finished another comp piece that I need to send off but I must check it before – it’s so annoying that spellcheck doesn’t pick up single letter mistakes ie. p- u -o

I’m finding that my current characters are buzzing around my head during the day even when I’m doing something else – they feel so real – I just hope they feel as real to the readers that will one day fall upon my work in a library or WHSmith or Amazon – it’s good to dream.

Dreaming isn’t enough – I must work, work , work at this dream to make it come true.
Only I have the power and control over my dreams – I need others’ expertise so help the dream become a reality.

Happy Word Flow One & All

One thought on “Thoughts of the day

  1. I agree with you, Hemmie – it's all about work, work, work. youwriteon can be tough, there's been a few times for me when the feedback has been hard to stomach, or carelessly cruel, but like you said in a previous post, got to face it at some point. Well done for being brave.


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