Almost an Affair – start of chapter one

I want to copy & paste, but it wouldn’t work, not even my teenage daughter could help me, so I am typing the first part to wet your appetite.

Chapter one.

Celia gazed at her alabaster skin that looked even more ethereal than usual in the remorseless light of the stark morning sun. Tentacles of sun crept through chinks of stained glass in the bedroom window, casting multi-coloured droplets on the white ceiling and walls.

The black dress she was obliged to wear over her willowy figure, drained her face of any perceptible colour and the only positive aspect she could perceive in the mirror was that her pearl necklace and matching earrings looked picture perfect against the black chiffon dress.

James would have appreciated the serene demeanour of his wife, and the suitable hush that shrouded the house.

Chapter one continues…..

I would have liked to have given you the whole of chapter one, but it’s rather soul destroying typing it out because it won’t copy and paste.

The first review I got on was excellent – not wishing to sound pompous – it was truly a lovely review and the second one is in the pipeline – may not be as complimentary of course – it’s all personal taste after all.

I wanted to use this blog as a platform to promote myself – but not if I have to type out chapters each time – life’s too short!

I haven’t been on twitter for a few days – been writing and writing reviews on youwrite – there are some amazing authors out there.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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