Almost an Affair – WIP – taster

Call me impetuous, but I’ve uploaded my current WIP – Almost an Affair – onto youwritecom

Why another novel on the site I hear you cry – well, I thought it might be useful to start ‘working’ with the site whilst I have only written 17, 500. I like to keep a check on my writing this way, so it made sense to me.

Almost an Affair

Her husband James has just died, but his past is resurrected through his mistress, another woman and her son. Celia tries to cope with these revelations whilst she tries to please everyone around her, especially her daughter, Jennifer.
She sometimes forget her own needs.

I’m sorry this is short, not that well today and I have one of the guineapigs on my lap with my laptop – nightmare city!

This is a little taster, but I’ve a long way to go as there are quite a few characters and their paths are winding.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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