Define yourself – I’m Black Romance

I picked up an old copy (2009) of Writing Magazine and read a article on the debut novelist Hilary Dixon.

Apparently, she read in the Guardian about the dearth of love stories in the literary world. So, she wrote a novel, When Rooks Speak of Love which is more about love being seen as the primal element rather than as a romantic sentiment.

However, her style of writing meant that it was a struggle for her to get published – 18 rejections later – she was successful with Solidus publishing.

If a novel isn’t easily pigeon-holed, then mainstream publishers may not find the book interesting as it isn’t easily marketable.

Against my views, I wrote a more people friendly ending – but somehow it grates with me – I like the darkness of life to be reflected – and let’s face it , endings are often grim, painful and dark.

With my current WIP ,there is one death in the pipe line – but the death serves a purpose to the plot.

I liked this quote from Hilary Dixon (2009) –

“Try to define yourself as a writer. It’s the act of writing, not the fact of being published, that makes you a writer.”

So cool 🙂

Ian Rankin (2009) advises- “To become a writer, you have to believe in yourself and in your work.”

Oh yes, I hear you 🙂

I’m re-writing first 3 chapters of current WIP after feedback from youwrite. The last one was harsh to start with but then gave me 5 out of 5 for characters & plot – but the harshness has made me read over & over again with a red pen in hand.

I am avidly reading books & articles on dialogue, character and so forth which makes me return to my work with a critical eye – I am either enthused or sinking in the pool of ‘is it worth it?’

I think I write in the genre of Black Romance – does that exist?
If not, it should, & I name it now, as that is what I write.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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