Dear Diary Ramblings

I keep reading in articles and text books to “never give up” “persistence is the key” and “it took me 10yrs but I made it”.

Yes, yes I say to myself with a knowing nod; and yes I do believe. I live in hope and faith that I will one day be a published author.

I remember when my professional articles were published – the elation I felt at seeing my name in print and by the same token how weird it felt.

When one of my articles was used as a heading on the front cover of The Nursing Times, and I could see it on the shelf in WHSmith, I finally felt I’d achieved something.

I want to feel that high again, I want to see a book cover with my name emblazoned across the cover and I want to keep writing novel after novel as that’s what keeps me sane.

There is a saying, “I want never gets” so I should abide by the rule I told my daughters (and which worked by the way), and request, ask politely – but steer away from begging – and wish that someone would notice the raw talent in me – I’m far from polished, but rawness has its qualities if one were to look hard enough.

I am still living in hope that the literary agent who requested the first 3 chapters after i sent her a query letter, will request to see all of On God’s Front Lawn and will then fall in love with it. This is the furthest I have got and if this fails, I think I will hit a very dark low – but will survive as we all do – it’s part of the life we have chosen.

The sun has appeared and I have rambled long enough – I hope that some of you managed to stay with me until the end – and if you’re new to this blog, please follow me as I have quality followers, not quantity. I’m trying not to beg for more followers, but I’m asking nicely 🙂

Happy Word Flow One & All

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