The Journey Goes On.

Photo: Autumn at Mt Macedon from Ryk Neethling.

My latest novel -‘The Divine Pumpkin’ has now been made into a number of submission packages – after a lot of sweating over the synopsis, which we all know about – don’t we? When one rejection arrives, another package will be sent out, along with my hopes and dreams. This time, I’m in it for the long haul – and not giving up after just five rejections. I have faith in this story, and after four rewrites, I hope that someone, somewhere will share that faith.

I recognise more these days, that a rejection in any form, is only one person’s perspective, and that someone else may see it differently.
This has been highlighted for me recently, when I was buying a book. I read the blurb on the back cover, and decided that it wasn’t for me – but someone, somewhere obviously like it enough to publish it – we can’t all like the same style or genre.

But instead of jumping when the post arrives, or checking my emails every ten minutes, I’m engaged in writing my next novel, as I’m only content when I have a story coursing through my mind, and I’m putting it down on paper. The wait for a response can be so long, that it is better to be occupied than dwell on the unknown future.

Well, my journey continues, with all the twists and turns that comes with this route. I’ve packed a picnic, and first aid box, so I’m prepared for the long haul – at least I know from the Twitter world, that I’m not alone – and if you’re reading this, I imagine that you too are travelling by my side.

Happy Word Flow One & All.

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