Sitting in a Slush Pile

‘Cartoons from erix!’

I’m very aware that my submission package is sitting in a couple of slush piles – and I can’t help wondering how my baby is feeling?
Does she feel uglier than those around her? Has she felt the finger of fate touch her, and then cruelly pass her over, only to pick the adjacent baby – who has perfect blond ringlets.

I want to cuddle her and tell her that i have faith in her, and that she has the potential to shine. She needs to know we’re in this together. But it’s like the first day at school – i have no means of communicating with her as someone else is in charge of her for the time being.

The longer I wait, the more I fear she’s been rejected – she perhaps lacks the X factor to grab the attention of those in power. And of course, that’s my fault – and I can blame no one else – even my family who demand to be fed and dressed in clean, ironed clothes.

But she’s my baby, and I’ll never forget how she helped me along my writing journey – through her I’ve learnt so much – my failings and my strengths.
Oh yes – i won’t forget her, but I may tweak her hair, smooth her ruffled eyebrows, change her clothes, or eve put her up for adoption – but she’ll never be forgotten by me, her creator.

Perhaps one day she’ll win the bonniest baby competition – only time  and a lot of pampering will tell.
Personally, I’ve always been attracted to the guy with quirky looks – no Pitt or Clooney for me.
So logic would say that someone out there will find my baby appealing – even with her squint and stumpy legs!

Happy Word Flow One & All

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