The Best Christmas Present Ever!

                          Photo: Christmas 2007 from paparutzi

And what is the best Christmas present ever, I hear you cry. Could it be a Kindle, a diamond ring, an Aga – what, what is it you cry even louder.
It’s a publishing contract with Winter Goose Publishing (@wintergoosepublishing). They have accepted my contemporary romance – ‘The Divine Pumpkin’ – and shortly I will begin the process of editing with an editor – they warn me it will try my patience – but I’m so ready for it. It will be in paperback in 2012.

Four years of reading about writing and writing four novels in various genre, until I found my preference, has all been worth it. Of course I have accumulated numerous rejections – although some encouraging words from some agents – over the years, but I never let my faith subside. I would feel low initially after a rejection, but then I’d plough on – I had no choice, I was addicted to writing.

I have known about this for two weeks, but I needed to wait until the contract was signed. Perhaps I should have waited a few more days as I will soon be on the Winter Goose website and Face book page – but I couldn’t wait any longer to let you all know. Links will follow.

I have a new avatar – taken by my fourteen year old daughter, with hair done by my seventeen year old daughter – as the photo will be on the back of my book.

I so want to hug all my Twitter & blog folk who are still waiting for this moment – to tell them never to give up, to believe in oneself and to learn & write as much as possible. I also suggest looking at Winter Goose publishing – they also have a competition out currently.

I’m embarking on a new part of the writing journey and I look forward to sharing the trip with you all. I can’t quite believe that I have a contract, and I’m sightly nervous about the work ahead. But for once, I’m not alone – although one never feels lonely on Twitter or here.

I hope to write again before Christmas, but if I can’t, may I wish you all a Happy Festive Season and much joy and success in 2012.

Happy Word Flow One & All.

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