New Year’s Resolutions.

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The presents are all sitting under the tree, looking tempting in their red and white wrapping. But I know that once they’re opened and appreciated, the tree looks rather dejected, and my thoughts turn to the forthcoming year – well after I’ve made a sumptuous Christmas dinner,that is.

For the past four years, one of my resolutions has been to get an agent or publisher – and if you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that I’m to be published in May 2012 by Winter Goose Publishing. So one down, I hear you all mutter, and yes indeed, one down but plenty more to go.

The editing process needs to be completed and the cover design – fortunately not by me. So one could say that a resolution would now be for the book to be successful, for which I must play a part in. I write to be read not to make a fortune – just knowing that someone else will have chosen to buy my book will be a reward in itself.

I also need to continue writing my current WIP of which I’ve already written 58,000 words. More writing resolutions,I hear you cry – have you no other life to speak of?

Of course I have. I wish to continue to be a loving, sometimes cool & embarrassing mum to my two teenage daughters. A loving but sometimes ratty cook, cleaner, counsellor, organiser and wife. Would I like to be less stressed about the clutter everyone leaves lying around – of course I would – but clutter causes pot holes in my mind – I can’t function to the best of my ability in disarray.Take note family members.

Should another resolution be to lose weight? I’ve never been on a diet, I’m a great believer in a little of everything and excess in nothing. Would I like to be the size UK8 I used to be?  – of course – but having babies and getting older have taken their toll. However,I’d rather have the wisdom that comes with age than the waistline of a younger me who didn’t understand how harsh and complicated  the world could be.

For the first time for many years – I’m going to have tears of hope in my eyes on New Year’s Eve. I will raise a glass of bubbly and chink glasses to a successful, fun and healthy year for all my family and friends. I include you – dear follower or reader. I wish you every success, happiness, crystal clear word flow and inner peace.

Happy 2012 Word Flow One & All.

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