The Next Idea

Word Game Pics from Windygig.

I find myself in the position of editing one novel with an Editor, and having sent in two more synopsis to the publisher to see whether they like one or both novels. So where does that leave me now? Book one comes out in May and book two and three may or may not be liked, but they are already written, so the plots are already worked out.

I was contemplating waiting for the publisher to get back to me, but that leaves me with little focus. “Write a short story,” I hear you cry, but believe you me, my skill at short story writing is minimal, I’m far too verbose for such writing. I do dabble with them, but that’s not where my heart resides.

I have a leather-bound notebook with ideas for future novels, and a box which contains articles and paper cuttings to fuel inspiration. The thing is, I have a lot of ideas, so where to begin?

Some ideas may already be over used by other authors, and others may not hold enough power to last a whole novel.
Some ideas just don’t feel right for right now. When I jotted them down, I had a flutter in the heart, but today, they leave me cold.
Some ideas have been lurking around for so long without enticing me before now, so maybe they should be moved to the bottom of the pile to mature like a fine wine.
Some ideas need a fair amount of research as I know little about the topic, and perhaps I’m not ready to commit to such a mammoth task.

But some ideas keep yelling “pick me, pick me” and so I give them another look. They get my creative river flowing, but I only need one for now. One. That’s enough to start the journey into another fictional world.
And that is a very exciting prospect. I love creating characters and the world they live in, and I hope that readers will one day enjoy soaking up my words and worlds.

Happy Word Flow One & All.

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