Meet Natasha Head – Poet

Name:  Natasha Head

Book title:  Nothing Left to Lose
Genre:  Poetry
Publisher:  Winter Goose Publishing
Date of publication:  March 2012
Book blurb:  How can we transform our hearts and minds into what we’ve always desired for ourselves, when our struggles in adversity make us feel like we have Nothing Left to Lose? Follow Nova Scotia poet, Natasha Head, as she navigates through the chaos of life’s travels, and finds the courage to document her search for meaning and purpose. This captivating collection of work will leave you with hope, and the necessary encouragement to break through the barriers of your world.
How long did it take you to write this book?  This particular collection evolved out of two-three very dark years in my journey…I wrote my way out, and the majority of this collection is a testament to those times, to what I have “survived” and to what I am able to handle as a lowly human.  There is no better surprise than when you manage to surprise yourself.
How did you find a publisher?  I watched Winter Goose come to life on line through the wonderful Jessica Kristie.  Following her journey and connecting with Heather Grace Stewart were two very important factors in my decision to submit. Those girls are amazing inspirations to me…and they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  When Jessica sent out the call for submissions for her project with Winter Goose and Art Platform, and I saw my words in print in the completed first volume of Inspiration Speaks…I knew I would eventually work up the nerve to make a submission to Winter Goose of my own work.  Their product is fantastic, the support amazing…and the group of writers they have assembled is just awe inspiring.  I count myself so very lucky to be included amongst them.
How have you promoted your book?  Primarily, my work has been online in regards to promotion.  The support group I have managed to foster for me has been amazing! Here at home, I have to admit, it’s been a bit more difficult. Luckily, my sister puts out a newsletter every month that targets the majority of homes in my locale, and she has been kind enough to let me steal some space for promotion.  I’ve lots of folks asking about NLTL now, release dates and how they can get a copy…so despite the fact I don’t know what I’m doing, the news has found some feet to run on the small town rumor mill.
How do you combat writer’s block, if you indeed experience it?  I write. And write. And write.  To me it’s a fascinating process to run up against a complete blank wall with my pen.  And it is a pen. I was literally the geek/freak in school that carried her little black book with her poems in it. (Pink Floyd fan too) Right now it’s a red notebook, and it’s filled with plenty of gibberish as the result of writing thru the block.
What other writing do you do?   Initially,  I jumped online to tackle article marketing for our real estate business.  When I discovered all the wonderful poets I could share with, that was quick to take a back seat! I was amazed at the amount of fantastic poetry that seemed to be flowing through the ether. The result was a very fast, and very public word addiction.  I still have to pay my dues with the odd article on home buying or selling, but with any luck, perhaps the day will come where I won’t.
What methods do you use to plan/write your book? I write what comes. The result could be a poem, a short story, or another manuscript for the top shelf! One day I would like to work up the nerve to share an actual completed novel with the world…but at this stage of the game, I am way too content baring my soul through poetry…I’ve got more secrets to share before I tackle the fiction addiction!
How long have you been writing prior to getting published?  I have written for as long as I can remember. I still have those little black books with my poems in them from my preteen years! (Along with the rejection letters from back in the day when you had to use a self -addressed stamped envelope to get them!)
How do you cope with rejections? Not well! Lol I’m a sensitive old soul.  BUT…I can take a deep breath and move on.
What piece of advice would you give to debut writers? What better advice than to never give up. I am a debut writer…so that tid bit is subject to change as my journey unfolds!
Are you currently writing another book?  I have a second collection ready to go. Totally different from Nothing Left to Lose…
Where can your book be purchased from?  Amazon, Barns&Noble, through me personally for autographed copies…and of course, if you want to visit Stewiacke, Nova Scotia, you can bet I’ll have copies available for purchase 😉 
Thanks for such a dynamic style of answering the questions – and good luck with your book which is available in March 2012.

4 thoughts on “Meet Natasha Head – Poet

  1. As a “sometime” fan of poetry, and a constant fan of Natasha's work, I must say that there's nothing “lowly” about this “human.” And she's not content to share her own thoughts with a grateful audience. She also seeks to inspire others to follow her lead, much more often than most other writers do!


  2. Hi Natasha – my absolute pleasure! I have been honoured to include your interview on my blog, and I see that you are bringing joy to others too. Big Hugs my friend 🙂


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