My Most Beautiful Thing

Jessica lambing on a farm this spring.

Today I’m taking part in the ‘My Most Beautiful Thing’ Blogsplash, inspired by Fiona Robyn’s new novel, The Most Beautiful Thing. Follow her on Twitter: @fiona_robyn and on Facebook

How do you explain motherhood to someone without children?
One of the first sentiments I remember after giving birth, apart from overwhelming love, was the weight of responsibility that was now on my shoulders. I not only had to provide the basic needs, I had the responsibility to ensure the tiny person would grow into a caring, well-rounded and educated individual.

That’s only the start. Each stage of childhood demands more ingenuity, knowledge, patience, love and strength from motherhood. I have felt immense joy, failure, honor, hope, love and fear over the years as my beautiful daughters have grown into teenagers – now 17yrs & 15yrs.

As they venture into new, uncharted territory, I hold my breath and hope they will cope with their new experiences. I want them to appreciate the life they have been given, and hold onto their dreams of a positive future for themselves and the world around them. They already display a wondrous love for family, friends and animals, which is a good start n my view.

Motherhood is painful, exhausting, exciting, surprising, frightening, fun, but most of all – Beautiful!

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