A Place to Write

                                  Photo: Word Processor from Rahady

In a dream world, I have a writing room lined with books. I have a Victorian writing desk and an ergonomic chair on wheels which allows me to float around the room at my leisure. A large jar of jelly beans sits next to the computer. In one corner of the room, is a coffee making machine which makes the most delectable cappuccinos in the world. Through the window I have a view of rolling hills in the distance, with my garden full of flowers, birds and hedgehogs surrounding the house. A huge crystal vase of scented flowers sits on another small table, and a sign reading ‘Do Not Disturb’ hangs on the door.

But I’m based in reality, and my home doesn’t afford the luxury of such a space – and neither do my teenage daughters! I have read a variety of ideas on this topic, and many articles recommend that a writer finds a dedicated spot in the house so as declare yourself as a serious writer to those around you.

However, I’ve also read interviews with established authors who say that they don’t have a dedicated space, and instead use the corner of the kitchen or dining room table. And remember, these are established authors.

As for my writing habit, I have a Victorian, marble-topped washstand in the lounge which I use as my desk to keep writing paraphernalia on, and also underneath in fabric covered box files. However, I tend to use the sofa with my laptop on my knee, or my bedroom. The latter is the most private space a my 17yr old is at 6th form college as studies at home 3 mornings or afternoons a week. I like to listen to classical music, or my current ‘love’, the Seahorses on my ipod.

Space for me isn’t a premium, but rather the space in my head where ideas can form and grow into interesting characters and plot lines, is. Space to think can be found almost anywhere, and as writers, we mustn’t believe we can’t write unless we have the ideal space to do it in. Some people may be lucky enough to have such a dream, but a lot of us will be happy just to have the time and peace to write in.

Hang onto your dreams, dear friends, and write wherever and whenever you can.

Happy Word Flow One & All.