Blogger’s Block

Summer from Rob North

I have been very remiss in writing my blog of late, and the reason is I’m so engrossed in writing my new novel,  I have little time to spare, which I know is wrong. I am spending as much time as possible reading, which is not only a passion, but also an essential  pastime of a writer. I review the books I read on Goodreads if you’re interested.

I have also slowed down on advertising my novel, ‘The Divine Pumpkin’ as I worry that people may feel I’m pushing it too much. There is a fine line to walk when it comes to promoting ones book, and I have, as yet, to find where the right line is.

I feel like I may be sounded down-hearted, but I am anything but. I’m 41,000 words into my next novel  and the characters are taking me on quite a journey. I am trying to write as much as possible to get the first draft down on paper as I’m aware that I’ll be editing my second novel to be published probably around Christmas time – pity my poor family, will they get gifts and a Christmas dinner this year?

We should all be inspired by the athletes at the Olympics, as they are prime examples of people working for years on a skill, to then only sometimes have a matter of minutes to shine. We authors also work very hard behind the scenes, for not much glory at times. I truly believe that readers my have very little awareness of how much time, work and tears have gone into writing the book. The only gold medals that exist in this realm are prizes such as the Booker or Orange award. so many authors, so few medals to go around.

If you are writing at the moment, I hope you are as absorbed and as distracted from real life as I am. It’s a glorious place to be! Perhaps not so much for the family at times!

Happy Word Flow One & All.

6 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block

  1. I love when the words flow like that and get frustrated when they don't.

    Luckily, I can write blog posts fairly quickly because I do it twice a week. All the practice made me fast at it typically.

    Sometimes I struggle though and get “blogger's block”, but a lot of times, I am able to type out a few blog posts within a few hours and I post them sporadically over the month.


  2. Sorry for the delay in answering you – I have been hiding from my blog!

    I admire the way you can write posts so frequently, and even store them for future use. I see what you say about practice stimulates future posts, but I've been so caught up in writing my WIP, that I've let the blog slip. Poor excuse I know.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.


  3. Thank you, Jacklyn, indeed I'm delighted that the words have been flowing for my WIP, but I shouldn't let my blog slip.

    Sorry for my delaying in replying to you and thanks for taking the time to leave a response.


  4. Your world and mine have some parallels! I have been working to get my second novel in shape for self-publishing at the end of this month and the ending generated the first three chapters of the next novel. First it is 0700 hrs. and before I blink, it is bedtime again! Best of luck with your writing.


  5. You are also extremely busy with your writing, which is frankly the best way to be! It's wonderful that you've found the first three chapters of your next novel!
    Perhaps we all know what it is like to struggle with other writing arena's when all we want to do is focus on the WIP.
    Good luck with your writing and publishing too, Gail.


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