Something Worth Doing Is Always Hard

Whether it’s restoring an Arrnstrong Sidley (as William is above), training for the Olympics, reading ‘War and Peace’ or losing/gaining weight, every endeavour demands that we put a lot of effort into it. My eldest is planning on going to university next year to train to become a vet. There is a shortage of places, so she requires the top grades possible, as well as experience in vet establishments, lambing and farm animals, to mention just a few. A lot of effort is required, but the job will be worth it in the end. My other daughter wants to be a maths teacher in a secondary school – now there’s a challenge!

And writing a novel is no different. You conceive the idea, plot and plan it, write the first draft which you then re-write, then edit, edit, edit…

And after the novel is finally written, you have the synopsis and query letters to produce, and then you have to cope with rejections, only to push yourself out there once more.

So you finally find an agent or a publisher, and then the work load cranks up a gear. Not only do you need to find the time to write your next novel, you have to link with the world via social networks (being careful not to just promote your novel), write a blog and be interviewed for other blogs (which you reciprocate). You have to remind people periodically that you and your novel still exist, in a virtual world that is littered with authors and novels. It’s a murky world, and if, like me, you don’t have an endless pot of money with which you can buy advertising, you have to be creative and work even harder.

I don’t want to put you off, but producing a noel is a bit like having a baby. Everyone tells you a baby will change your life, but you don’t realise it until your hold the gurgling child in your arms and then take them home – scary! Having a novel requires almost the same amount of dedication as a baby. To raise it to it’s full potential, well rounded, well structured, loved by many and hated by few self, the parent in both senses requires to work hard, even on those dark days. And just like a parent, you need to attend classes, conferences and discuss the process with other people who are going through the same experience.

Well, this parent has linked with the virtual world, but now needs to be a parent in the real world and go and feed my (teenage) babies.
 But before I go, may I draw your attention to the link to my novel ‘The Divine Pumpkin’ at the top right of this page. I believe this is the first time I have so shamelessly plugged it, but I mustn’t shy away from this opportunity seeing as it ties in with this post!

Welcome to the new followers – I appreciate your support

Happy Word Flow One & All

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