Author interview – Venessa Kimball

1)  Your novel, ‘Piercing the Fold’ has been defined by some of your readers as new age, YA and adult. Where would you place it?  First, I love that my novel is covering so much ground with respect to genre. This novel definitely has the interest of both YA and adult readers.  I would define it as a cross over novel, bordering between YA and New Adult.  It has a very heavy Science Fiction component.  However, the supernatural, romance, drama, and adventure in this series are very strong as well. 

2)  Are you interested in astrophysics, quantum physics and cosmology, or did you just research them for your novel? Great question.  I knew nothing about quantum physics and astrophysics before writing this series. When I sat down to begin my outline for Piercing the Fold, I realized that I needed to teach myself all I could about a subject I knew almost nothing about.   I spent many hours on the internet learning the ins and outs of the theoretical engineering of wormholes.  I felt that in order to do this story justice, I had to know the basics about quantum physics and astrophysics and then add my twist.  

3)  What is your favourite time of day to write?  late morning.  I am getting into a pattern, which is a good thing.  I long-hand in composition in the morning and type what I have written in the afternoon.  Somedays, the long-hand takes over and I wind up having 5k words to type the next morning to get caught back up in my routine.

4)  How do you combat writer’s block? I can’t say that I have suffered from writer’s block.  Now, “writer’s distraction”, that is one I have to combat.  Most of the time, stepping away from my project or changing my method of writing (even just the color of pen or pencil I use) does the trick and I’m back on track. 

5)  What piece of advice would you give to debut authors? Make sure you have a professional editor have at your book before you release it.  And, Pre-market your book. Start building your fan base before your release.  Set up a pre-marketing plan in a blank calendar.  Fill it with book trailer releases, Excerpt teaser releases, ARC giveaways leading up to your release. 

6)  What three words would you use to describe yourself? Observant.  Persistent.  Down-to-Earth.

7)  ‘Piercing the Fold’ is part of a series. Are they written yet?  Book 2, Surfacing the Rim, is almost complete and will be release in March of 2013.  Book 3, (Title pending) will be complete Summer of 2013.  Many have asked if the series will go beyond three books.  Jesca’s story has spawned storylines for other characters in this series.  I can not say for certain that this series will stop at three books. 

8)  Is there a Piercing the Fold: Book 1 audio book in the works? There is an audio book of Piercing the Fold: Book 1. It is in final stages of production and will release before the Holidays 2012.  The audio book will be different from a typical listen.  This book will be read by multiple voice talents to give the listener a more character interactive experience.  “A movie in the mind experience” would be a good way to put it.  It has been intriguing  in terms of collaborating with the sound studio with regards to directing the voice talents. When I started writing Piercing the Fold on November 23, 2010, I never thought I would be hearing the voices of these characters outside of my mind.  It is very surreal. 

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