Genre Swapping

Finding a genre we can settle on as a writer is not always easy to do. We want to be part of a crowd for agents and publishers to know how to promote us, but we also want to stand apart to leap out from the slush pile. 
I have dabbled with several genre, although they all had a dark element to them. I found pure romance difficult to write as dark edges crept in almost without me noticing.
I have ‘labelled’ myself,  with the help of my publisher, as an author of contemporary women’s fiction. However, my next book, ‘Attic of the Mind’, has a dark side akin to a psychological thriller, where violence can also rear its ugly head. I have also written a crime novel featuring two detectives, which is with the publisher now, and I’m currently writing a second one in the series.
I think genre swapping refreshes my writing and imagination. I don’t have time to tire of one specific route, and it makes me view things in a different light. Ways to investigate if another genre would suit you is to have an open mind. Don’t restrict yourself  by thinking that horror or crime is beyond your reach. Challenge yourself and see where it leads. I always fancied writing crime, but I didn’t think I had the power to do it. Now I’m glad I did as my publisher is interested in it. Who knows what’s around the corner when we branch out.
Reading a variety of genres will also open your eyes to what is out there. I recently read a science fiction novel which I found surprisingly enjoyable, but I don’t feel a yearning to write one. Reading different magazines, newspapers and blogs can also highlight new angles and ignite new ideas in your mind. Writing a variety of genres is fun and exhilarating – at least it is for me.
Liberate yourself and try a different genre. Who knows, you may find yourself liking it!
Happy Word Flow One & All

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