Christmas Wishes

Christmas is almost upon us and the gifts are wrapped under the tree. Lights decorate the home and the pantry is crammed with festive foods.
This year, however, I’m going to light a candle on Christmas Eve in memory of the children and adults who lost their lives so tragically in Sandy hook elementary school in the USA. As i watch the flame flicker and glow, with my two daughters sat next to me, I will remember those families who have lost loved ones, and remember how lucky I am to have my daughters to hold.
I also have my mind on writing, as ‘Attic of the Mind’ comes out in February, and hopefully the first in my detective series comes out in November 2013. I am busy writing the second detective book. Plotting murder and mayhem feels surreal as I sit near the tree covered in fairy lights, listening to Christmas carols.My mind map grows by the day and the characters are living and conversing in my head.
But I won’t be a selfish writer over Christmas – although I could be tempted! I will obviously unwrap gifts with the family, cook the meals, watch festive programmes and play oodles of card and board games. As is the tradition, we have a new family game for Christmas to add to the plethora we already have.
My wish is to have a peaceful and fun Christmas with my family, and for everyone everywhere to have the same. For those who find Christmas lonely, stressful, poignant or depressing, I hope that peace and love finds a way to them, and cradles them.
It is harder this year, in this time of austerity, but spending time with loved ones is more important than just giving gifts – although I do like to receive and give them!
Last December I signed a publishing contract with Winter Goose Publishing, and this Christmas, my eldest daughter has received a letter informing her of an interview next year for a place at uni as a veterinary student. That was the best present of all!
After years of writing this blog I finally feel like I am talking to friends, and I can sense you here with me as I write this post. Writing can be a lonely experience as well as a daunting one, especially when I see just how many authors there are on Twitter and FB. So moments like this allow me to connect with you and feel in the company of other writers who sometimes feel overwhelmed by the world of writing. we are all in this together.
Happy Christmas dear friends, and if you have the time, Happy Word Flow One & All.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes

  1. Sorry for the delay in replying – I don't get notification of comments. I too am truly glad we met and I look forward to a long friendship with you.
    I hope 2013 brings you good health, wealth, joy & success x


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