Oh Yes, Happy New Year!

It is widely said that an author should not ignore social websites and especially their blog, just because they prefer writing or have editing deadlines to meet. And so what have I been doing? Neglecting my blog.
Yesterday, I sent the final edits of  ‘Attic of the Mind’ to the Editor-in-chief with the publisher. I had spent five hours on the final day checking and re-checking every punctuation and capital letter, knowing that the occasional mistake will still slip in. I’m excited about seeing my ‘newborn’ in print, although I know I need to put in the effort to get her noticed.
So what New Year’s Resolutions have you made? I have ones that carry from one year to the next. Lose a bit of weight and tone up tend to be the top two! It used to be find an literary agent but since finding a publisher, that need has been bypassed for now.
Another resolution is to improve my writing and vocabulary. Both are in constant need of refreshing and updating if my writing is to continue to develop. Not only do I read writing magazines and books, but I also read other author’s blogs and websites, There is a wealth of knowledge at our finger tips on the web, so there’s no excuse to fall behind.
A resolution I should clearly make is to write my blog regularly. You will be able to witness how quickly I fail at this?
But more than just my writing, I’m still trying to develop a more laid-back and patient attitude. I’m calmer than I used to be, but I could do better. But then again, I suppose we all could to some degree or another.
I hope that 2013 brings you all much joy, success and laughter.
Happy Word Flow One & All.

4 thoughts on “Oh Yes, Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year Hemmie! I don't make resolutions, but I am glad you did. I would love to keep coming back and reading more and more.

    Can't wait to read your newest book!!! WOO!!


  2. Oh Kim, yet again I'm late replying here – good job we 'know' each other on FB and Twitter!
    I value your support and comments ad I do hope you enjoy 'Attic' as much as you enjoyed 'Pumpkin'.
    Have a wonderful 2013 – you deserve it!


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