Missing My Characters


I alternate between writing contemporary fiction with a dark edge and crime fiction. Currently, I am writing the former, but this morning I woke up missing my detectives, DI Eva Wednesday and DS Jacob Lennox.

The first novel in the crime series comes out this November, and I have already written and submitted to the publisher, the second one. Therefore, I have come to know the detectives well, and I am already witnessing their own personal journeys throughout the two novels. They both have complicated personal lives, where mental health issues, divorce and estranged family relationships can take their toll on Wednesday and Lennox.

They have become friends albeit sometimes irritating ones with the choices they make, but friends I cannot be without. I can feel their presence whether I am writing about them or not. I can see, smell and almost touch them, which is why I think I am missing them today. They are trying to grab my attention for a third novel in the series. I know there quirks, their likes and dislikes. For example, Lennox likes beer, malt whisky and will tolerate wine if there is nothing else. He likes black coffee with two sugars. Wednesday is sensitive, but passive aggressive and drives a cream VW Beetle. Lennox comes to know Wednesday’s personal life rather too intimately for her liking, in the first novel.

You see, I am rambling on about them to the point of obsession.

I am 70,000 words into the first draft of a contemporary novel, so the characters there are also real. But Wednesday and Lennox are distracting me today, and I want to know why. Perhaps a new story is burgeoning within me, but I do not want to notice it until I’ve finished my current WIP.

I hope if the characters feel so real to me, they feel real to the reader. After all, that is what we authors want. I have a feeling that Eva Wednesday and Jacob Lennox will be a recurring partnership in a few novels to come.

I hope your characters live with you in the same manner. I must say I am never lonely!

Happy Word Flow One & All.

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