So is this it?

Being an author isn’t all I expected it to be. But on reflection, what was I expecting? Was I expecting instant success and wealth, fortunately not.
It wasn’t until I had a publisher that I truly realised just how many authors are out there. The world is awash with Indie authors and self-published authors, never mind the ones with major publishing houses.The Indie world was not one I  totally understood until I set foot on it. We are authors with a minimal budget – if that –  for publicity, as are our Indie Publishers.
So I’m a raindrop in the sea; how will I ever get noticed? Answer: rarely. I don’t have a publicity budget, I have an 18yr old daughter going to uni to study Veterinary Medicine for 5yrs, and a 16yr old who will also be going to uni in 2yrs. Budget blown.
I’ve given a talk at a local book group and have been in the local community magazine twice, but is that enough? Answer: no.
I should be chatting on Twitter about anything except my novels, writing my blog and updating my FB author page. Do I do all of this? Answer: not enough.
Instead, like most authors, I have a family, pets, chores, cooking, a part-time job, editing and writing the next novel. Is this how I imagined it? Answer: not at all.
I expected my family to respect my writing time. I thought they’d take my writing more seriously. can you hear me laughing!
So is this it? Answer: for the foreseeable future yes. 
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not seeking pity, I know I’m extremely lucky to have a publisher, with whom I have a mutually respective relationship. It’s just, I thought I’d feel different, perhaps more conscious of having books I’ve written on my bookshelves. Perhaps I’ll feel different one day.
The amount of work an author is required to do is immense and not that glamourous, and yet it’s addictive. I never want to stop. So am I happy? Answer: yes!
Happy Word Flow One & All

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