Second City Book Signing Event 2015

On Saturday 18th July 2015, I attended the Second City Signing Event at St Andrews Birmingham City Football Stadium, and what a day it was, although marred for some who were stuck on the M6 after a lorry caught fire and melted the road. The poor souls were stuck for eight hours, missing the whole signing. However, 187 did manage to attend.

Peter managed to put my roller banner up correctly this time, having forgotten about the feet at the last event, so we had to lean it against the window. Peter blamed the carpet that time!

Once the table was covered in small piles of my five books, free bookmarks and postcards of my book covers and logo, two bowls of sweets (absolutely essential),  book bags, fridge magnets, and tea towels to give away with a purchase of a book, I was ready for action.

As the first reader approached, I smiled and pulled nervously at the skin around my finger nail. By the time we had finished talking, I had picked so much I had made my finger bleed. I sucked on it surreptitiously before signing the book, which thankfully remained blood smear free. I had learnt my lesson and picked no more.

A couple of incidents warmed my heart. One reader brought her own copy of Attic of the Mind to the table for me to sign, saying the story resonated with her. Another reader brought her In the Light of Madness book bag from the last signing, and was getting all the authors to sign it. It was lovely to see the bag in use.

It is always a pleasure to meet established and new readers of my work, to discuss what they like, dislike, and even hope for in future novels, especially where Wednesday and Lennox are concerned. My lips are sealed as I’m waiting to hear what the characters want…

I believe book signing events are worth doing for so many reasons. You may believe I would say to primarily sell books, but actually it’s much more than that. At these events, I get the opportunity to connect with readers and with other authors; both are very supportive family-like groups, and I’m proud to belong to both.

Hope you enjoy some of the photos of the day, including Miles the bear who travels with me wherever I go. I gave him a hug at one point to save my poor fingers!

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