Time is the Enemy


I now find myself in a home devoid of children, as both have left for university, but still with hubs who is semi-retired but still working as a nurse. Therefore, I’m in a lucky position to dedicate more time to my writing. Time is my friend.

Ah no, time is a creeping, devious enemy at times, and I’ll explain why. Yesterday, hubs went fishing all day, so I knew I had the whole day ahead of me to work on the new novel I’m writing. I settled down with a large mug of coffee, some mango chunks, and some jelly beans. I spread my working notes and mind map over the coffee table and sofa, and settled down to write.

I began reading where I was up to, ready to continue the story, but ugh, I was stumped. My mind rattled through irrelevant issues in my life, I couldn’t get comfortable, and I ate my snacks without registering or appreciating the flavours.  I sifted through the cue cards of the characters, willing them to talk to me, to guide me through their story, but they had masking tape over their mouths, and obstinately refused to move.

I made another coffee, fed the birds, and checked my TBR pile, picking out the next two books I want to read. I returned to my laptop and stuttered through two thousand words, many of which will need editing and possibly deleting.

Hubs returned home and I made dinner. Then BAM, inspiration pierced my mind. I opened my laptop and spewed out a storyline I hadn’t seen coming; a dark twist that would shake-up the story. Joy enveloped me just like the gloomy duvet of writer’s block had cocooned me all day.

What I’ve learnt is that perhaps the late afternoon, evening, is my more productive time, although it does cut into ‘family’ and cooking time. Maybe I’ll have to become unsociable at home, and just eat snacks. Hmmm. I also believe that having all that time free, swamped me with the pressure to perform – performance anxiety, you might say.

Have you considered what time of day suits you to write, or are you dictated to by the constraints of life, and all that entails.

The observant of you will have noticed the #PYB badge I’ve displayed above. I’m part of a group of authors who have all written a short story based on the same picture we were given. These have been compiled into a book called ‘Framed’, and this charity book will be on sale on the 9th October for one month in aid of breast cancer awareness. PYB stands for Protect Your Breasts, which informs and reminds both women and men, to check their breast regularly. The link to the book will be posted nearer the time. None of the authors are being paid for their work. This may be a redundant sentence, but I thought I’d point it out. I’m honoured to be part of this venture.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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