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I composed this blog post whilst sitting on the balcony in a hotel in Turkey, two days prior to returning to Britain, where I knew I’d be bombarded by life and social media once more. For some bizarre reason, my phone would not connect with Wi-Fi in the hotel.

Time in Turkey gave me the time and space to reflect on what has been and what may be to come in the writing world. It had been a meditative time, soaking up the sun, enjoying an array of new and exotic flavours, reading, swimming, and occasionally drinking a tad more than I should – all in the spirit of enjoying a vacation to the full, you understand.

I enjoyed conversing with the Turks, Germans, and French people – all in French strangely, which I’m fortunately fluent in. There was only a smattering of British guests there, and those we met, we had a fantastic time with.


If I’d never joined Twitter, then my publisher would never have found me.

If I had more head space, I’d be more productive, rather than flit from task to task.

If I had more faith in myself, I wouldn’t worry so much prior to each novel being published.

If I made more of an effort, I could investigate whether an agent would be a good move for where I’m at now.

If I spent 20mins a day on the static bike, I’d be happier with my figure.

If I wasn’t so soft-hearted I wouldn’t worry about all the stray dogs roaming the streets in Turkey. At least I’ve found a charity there, on FB, to donate some money to.

Next year will see new avenues as yet unchartered in the writing world for me.

Until I’ve tackled the above issues, I will continue writing and developing my own niche in the book world, and see where that takes me.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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