Stepping Away

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Step away from your desk, and invariable inspiration will strike – at least that’s how it is for me. I went to watch a fabulous rock covers band in a beautiful pub, last night, and I got chatting to the guitarist. I’ve followed this band for years, and know that this guitarist is a talented lead guitarist, bass guitarist, drummer, and singer. He is also a professional session musician and composer – too much talent for one man, really.

Whilst chatting, he discovered that I’m an author, which intrigued him, and we got chatting about inspiration. We both discovered that we’ve woken up from a dream with inspiration – him for a song, and myself the first scene in ‘Attic of the Mind’. He said he believed creative people are often inspired via dreams – I certainly am through daydreaming, which doesn’t look like work, but I can assure you it is! Neither of us could comprehend how the other one went about planning and devising their composition – and both in awe of the other person’s talent (capital ‘T’ for him, though).

We also chatted about finding it difficult to write/compose music to demand, when our heart isn’t in the project. The further we pull away the harder it is to claw our way back – but we must if other people are relying on the work being done. Having said that, sometimes I find stepping away from a manuscript helps clarity form in my mind, and I can see where I’m going wrong with a certain scene.

Inspiration can strike at inopportune moments – on the dance floor, in the shower, in the supermarket, or hill climbing in Derbyshire, but strike it will, and it is up to us to grasp it – as I am doing with this blog post after last night. However, inspiration for me just gives me the starting point, it’s up to me to spend time planning the arc of the novel, devising the characters (although some appear fully formed as with Walker in ‘Attic of the Mind’), and with the crime genre, keeping track of who is doing what, when. The mind map is an essential part of writing a novel, for me, and I have one written for all the characters (on one sheet) so I can keep an eye on their characteristics, moods, traits, and quirks, to keep the continuity going.

Whatever you are creating, whether it be a novel, a song, or a painting, sometimes stepping away and meeting other like-minded people can spark new ideas for your creativity that might be going through a stale patch. Grab those moments and revel in them – we will all get them, but you must choose to use them.

Happy Word Flow One & All

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