Working From Home


People always say how lucky I am to work from home, and in many ways I am. I only have to travel downstairs to get to work, the fridge always has something in for lunch, I’m always in to collect parcels (and answer ruddy cold calls), and in clement weather I can pop into the garden to add a few freckles to my nose.

Ironically, I still get up early and always get dressed rather than wear my nightwear, I always put some make up on, as it lifts my mood from ‘oh hell, I’m looking ragged’ to ‘I can get through this day for as long as my lipstick lasts’ (albeit usually brown, so not that visible!) and I spritz on some perfume even though often there’s no one around to notice. The lipstick had almost worn away by the time this photo was taken – just saying…

My experience from working as part of a team means that I miss the office banter, the gossip, and someone offering to make me a drink (although hubs will sometimes do that if around). I don’t have a staff Christmas party to attend, or works day out (the last one being in London and riding the London Eye – although I spent a fair amount of time sitting on the bench in the centre of the pod). I also got to leave the house and travel around Tower Hamlets or North Hertfordshire to meet lots of interesting people and see beautiful or otherwise scenery.

Working from home also means all the household chores are mine, and if I don’t do them, they glare at me demanding to be washed, hoovered, put away, or dusted. They always win otherwise I don’t have the head space to write with some semblance of clarity. On the plus side, I can always fit in two gym and swim sessions and an evening yoga class a week, as I arrange my own timetable. Win, win.

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