My Writing Day with Alfie

Moi et Alfie Aout 2017

Since acquiring a 7 week old rescue kitten, Alfie, late July, my writing day has somewhat shifted its equilibrium – I’m not complaining, you understand…

I am delightfully (are you feeling the sarcasm?) woken at 5am – which has thankfully moved to 6am these past two mornings – by Alfie jumping onto the bed and purring his way up to my face, where he proceeds to knead my pillow until our eyes lock, and he knows he’s won.

By the time I’ve put my slippers and dressing gown on and padded my way quietly downstairs – so as not to disturb hubs who has pulled the quilt over his head – I’m fully awake and ready to prepare my coffee and Alfie’s breakfast. Once he starts eating, I slip away to the lounge with a mug of stimulant, and start writing.

I start by re-reading a few pages to see where I am in the story, then continue writing in my notebook, relishing the tranquillity the early hours afford me, until Alfie skitters into the room. The wooden floor allows his tinkling balls and toy mice to race along the surface for him to chase – that is until he spies my vulnerable feet in slippers and bare ankles which he loves to pounce on, sinking his razor-sharp teeth into my flesh. I’m trying distraction techniques as advised on pet websites, coupled with a resounding, ‘No Alfie’, and praise when he stops and licks me instead. It’s not quite working yet, but hey ho…

The rest of my writing day is interspersed with interruptions from Alfie, hubs and life in general, but when the word flow is good and I’m shrouded in peace, with Alfie sleeping nearby – all is well in my world – not the freaky, scary world we all live in – I don’t understand that world.

I just need to discover a distraction for Alfie’s new behaviour which is trying to bite and rub his scent from his head on the corners of my notebook, whilst I’m writing. Any advice welcome – please leave comments below…

Happy word Flow One & All.

8 thoughts on “My Writing Day with Alfie

  1. Always nice to have a little friend with us at all time. My little pumpkin is fulfilling my days and sometimes my nights. We are getting older together. 🙂 Wonderful way to be.


    • Very true, Francis. I’ve always loved the relationship between you and gorgeous Pumpkin – pets really make a house a home, and are great companions day and night – although Alfie’s 5am wake-up calls are not so wonderful!

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