Peterborough Book Signing 2017

signing book 2017

This was my fifth author event, second hosted by the wonderful Hourglass ladies, so I thought I might feel a little less nervous and more excited – but a little thread of anxiety still threaded its way through my mind.

It was the first time I had managed to make a Google form of interest in my books, so I had a rough idea of how many books to take. This was fantastic as I had already “sold” (I didn’t ask for money upfront) a fair amount of books before the actual day, which felt very exciting. I packed the orders in book paper gift bags with my logo on, and added some extra goodies in the bag too.

On the day itself, setting up the table felt exciting, seeing piles of my eight novels set out, surrounded by freebie postcards with my book covers on, book marks, and pens with my name on. There was also the obligatory tin of sweets that I dipped into during a quiet moment.

Katrina & moi 2017

When the doors opened, a flutter of nerves spread across my stomach and only settled when the first reader arrived and we began chatting, having a photo taken together, then signing the book, or books they had purchased. Hubs takes the money as I am liable to forget! The day isn’t a money-making exercise, but a day to connect with new and established readers, many of whom I chat with on social media, so it’s lovely to meet in person. I am prone to hugging people, which I hope is appreciated and not received with fear!

Peterborough table 2017

Hearing readers talk about their love for DI Eva Wednesday and DS Jacob Lennox (yes, you, Emma Precious White!), always warms my heart, as they are very dear to me too. discussing each novel with a new reader is exciting to do as I can see in their face or hear in their voice, when a book chimes with them, or not, as the case may be. It’s a bit like research in action to see what hooks people.

The day was also about networking with other authors; many have become firm friends over the years. We have become a supportive network that I have come to treasure.

Lou & Moi 2017

The day was beautifully rounded-off by a three-course meal and a Darker Ball, where readers and authors eat and dance the night away together. It was an amazing evening – Rachel Brightly and Jo Curtis of Hourglass always put a lot of thought and effort into their events – they are well worth attending whether you are an author or reader. I’m already looking forward to October 2018!

Rachel, Jo & moi 2017

If you’ve never attended one of these events, remember everyone is a little shy at first, whether you’re an author or reader, but the day is busy and fun, so nerves are quickly dissipated and memories of the day glow in your mind for weeks.


I’ve posted a few photos of the day, some with readers and some with authors, so I hope you get a flavour of the day and tempt you to attend a future event. May be I will see you one day?

Helen Bright & Moi 2017

Happy Word Flow One & All

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