I can’t believe we’re mid-March already, where is this year going? I suppose I have a lot going on, which may explain the phenomenon.

Firstly, and most excitingly, we’re moving to the Suffolk/Norfolk border – hopefully in the first week of May. After keeping the home highly organised – almost show-home style – and clean in readiness for the viewings, it took only two weeks to sell the house, and all hell broke loose after that.

I am now surrounded by all the boxes from the loft – which is now thankfully empty – containing Christmas decorations, drawings and school books from primary and secondary school pertaining to my two daughters, a box with their first primary school uniforms in, and various boxes of stuff from the past that is hard to let go of for various reasons. We had a skip on our drive to fill with broken garden furniture and unwanted bits and bobs. The local charity shop benefited from old clothes, books and boxes of children’s games – it was a pleasure to say goodbye to Monopoly; I hate that game.

My mind is filled with planning the rooms in the new house and nerves about starting at a new gym and a new yoga group. The room I’m picturing the most is my own office to write in – I’m so excited about being enveloped in peace to write in. I’m hoping I’ll be more productive – ha!

On the writing front, I’m waiting to get my 5th DI Wednesday novel,’Step’, back from my editor at the publishers to start working with him, and in the meantime, I’m writing a contemporary novel.

But there’s where my brain feels totally washed-out. I’m 77,000 into one contemporary novel, but then an idea burst into my brain about another story, which I’m now 5,000 words into. I like them both and intend to finish them both, but for now, I’m letting my mind dictate which one I concentrate on – if only for my sanity.

I have another contemporary novel which has been read by three beta readers and my mother – who is hard to please novel-wise – and I have just a few corrections left to do before I publish it. As it’s my first time self publishing, I want to have the time to get it right, so I really have to wait until after the move. Putting the project on hold is something I’m forcing myself to do, but it isn’t easy.

All-in-all, my life feels hectic and close to over-flowing into inertia if I’m not careful. I still have the house to pack up, which is distracting, and Alfie continues to demand my attention as cats usually do.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not unhappy with my life, I’m just tired; clutter doesn’t suit my creativity. I’m so looking forward into being in the new house for the summer and just hope we have plenty of sunny days to enjoy the garden and explore the new area. Hopefully, next time I post on here, I will be esconced in my new home – yippee!

Happy Word Flow One & All

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