The joy of reading


Since moving house and emptying most of the boxes, my hunger for reading has thankfully returned. Whilst lost within the pages of a novel, I feel harnessed with power and knowledge by absorbing new vocabulary, seeing what works and what doesn’t, and soaking-up the rhythm and pace set by the author. I do enjoy a novel for pure entertainment, but the thirst for learning is never far from my mind.

Yet the downside is doubting I will ever achieve the greatness of some authors – and there, my friend, is that old nemesis, nagging doubt (insert your own mental image).

But instead of being knocked off-course, I choose to take the view of on-wards and upwards. I’m mostly proud of the novels I’ve written so far, but I know there’s always room for improvement – one never stops learning – and one shouldn’t; how dull would it be to know everything without ever experiencing again the joy at discovering something new? I’m a great believer in the more one writes, the better one gets – hopefully!

I’ve just finished The Break by Marian Keyes, the first novel I’ve read by this author. I enjoyed it, but noted that I found the tome rather a long read – something for me to bear in mind. No sooner had I finished that novel, I picked up The Perfect Affair by Claire Dyer, which so far I am enjoying and warming to the two protagonists. My hubs is rather concerned about the subject material of both novels, and is wondering about the state of our marriage!

Since moving to Beccles four weeks ago, I have been a frequent visitor to the town’s independent book shop – what a joy to have one at last! My recent acquisitions are The Kindness by Polly Samson, The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths, N-W by Zadie Smith, and a replacement copy of Family and Friends by Anita Brookner, whom I love to re-read periodically as she was my inspiration to be a writer. Although sadly departed, she was always on my wish list as a fantasy dinner guest. We have already had to buy another bookcase for the existing books, as we lost the built-it shelves in our old house, so I had better monitor my trips to the book shop – ha!

Whether you’re a reader and writer, or purely a reader, I hope your passion is fuelled.

Happy Word Flow One & All

4 thoughts on “The joy of reading

  1. Glad to hear you’ve been getting your reading mojo back – it’s like being reunited with old friends, isn’t it, when you unpack your boxes of books. Love that bit! (It’s the packing up that drives me insane).

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  2. Thank you – it seems to have been a long time coming, and I read your blog posts with envy at the way you devour books. I won’t ever reach your dizzy heights, but I can plod along at my own pace and marvel at your achievements!


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