Lockdown lessons


It’s not quite a been a whole week since the lockdown, but already I’ve learnt a few things which I will list here. I’m sure as the weeks pass, I’ll learn much more…

Since going to the gym is no longer possible, I now follow the classes online, and I discovered I need a longer warm-up session than given in the video (so my body let me know the following day), and I need to use my thicker yoga mat to protect my bony prominences.

Unfortunately, I need my eyes tested as the glasses I’m using no longer give me the sharp clarity I like when typing, reading or watching TV.

I had forgotten how delicious soya milk was. When cow’s milk was unavailable, I bought soya milk instead and discovered that my morning porridge and hot chocolate are even more scrumptious! I will continue buying this once life returns to normal…whenever that may be.

Hoovering is still a boring chore.

Alfie (photo above) enjoys chilling all day as he stills goes out at night – he has more freedom than we do!

I’m seeing less of hubs, as he’s a bank nurse and is having to cover more shifts than usual due to Covid-19.

As hubs is a keyworker, I do all the essential shopping trips to protect him as much as possible.

Following from the above two, I’m making so many packed lunches for him, I feel like he’s at primary school.

Our front and back gardens are now weed-free!

Doing the housework is still not my top priority – apart from a clean kitchen and bathroom. The dust has a nasty habit of returning not long after I’ve removed it, so it’s rather soul-destroying.

Since when did large (and even small) bars of Galaxy chocolate become so popular? I have two squares left and it won’t be pretty when I run out…

Well, dear reader from wherever you may be, I do hope you are keeping safe, sane and are finding the headspace to do plenty of writing and reading. Let us all stay indoors until the world becomes safer and healthier, then come out on the other side being a much kinder and cleaner world.

3 thoughts on “Lockdown lessons

  1. Wishing you and your husband the very best. I too focus mainly on kitchen and bathroom and of course towels, laundry etc. It’s not like I have a lot of extra time for housework. I’m far too busy and tired.


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