Lockdown Lessons 2


Well here we are, almost three weeks into lockdown and Alfie’s taken to drinking gin! (Before you call the RSPCA – it’s water) I’ve kept my own alcohol consumption to its normal minimum, but snacking has increased – I won’t be beach ready this year, although there may be no beaches to visit, who knows? I’m missing my gym classes, and the online alternatives don’t work as well for me – I can be a bit lazy, given half the chance.

I’ve rediscovered childhood comfort food in the form of bananas and custard – which we’re eating quite regularly – such is the need for comfort these days!

I’ve reread Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman as a comfort read and have ordered Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (the copy I have is in a box of children’s books in the loft, which feels like climbing Mount Everest to go there), as another source of comfort read.

I’ve discovered Tiggy is back in the hedgehog house, so I’m feeding him hog food and some mealworms. In turn, he thanks me by pooing all over the patio.

I’ve realised how wonderful it is to have a neighbour with an allotment, as he has provided us with lots of delicious purple sprouting broccoli.  I’ve made stir-fries with it using fresh ginger, garlic, bacon and mushrooms with pasta (I had some in fortunately as it’s like gold dust!)

WHO is buying all the plain Galaxy chocolate still?? I managed to find some with caramel in our local shop, for which I’m grateful, but plain Galaxy is another comfort food for me. Hey ho…

Thursdays at eight o’clock is a time to connect with neighbours as we all stand on our doorsteps clapping all the NHS staff, care staff, and other services who are doing sterling work during this difficult time.

I hope you are all still keeping well and safe, and finding the headspace to write and read. Thank you for being here.