Lockdown Lessons 3


Well here we are again, in lockdown week six – or is it seven? Time is merging and I no longer know what day of the week we are.  I even had to think which month we were a few days ago.

During this time, we’ve had to adapt in more ways than one, but I didn’t expect to be cutting hubs hair. Fortunately, he’d bought a beard trimmer before the lockdown, so we went into onto the patio – saved me getting out the hoover – and I did the deed. It wasn’t too bad – but I’m not adding a photo to this post!

To return the favour, I asked hubs to wax my armpits! Needs must, folks. Again, the result was good, but he had sticky palms and my skin was tender for hours, but worth it. If I shave my armpits the skin looks like a plucked chicken!

Hubs and I have been having a battle of the open windows in the bedroom. I’ve always advocated airing the house, especially the bedroom, even when it’s chilly outside.  He, on the other hand, likes them firmly shut. We’re both sneaking around opening or closing the damn things, without telling one another. However, during this Covid-19 time,  a well-aired house is recommended, so ha!

Although my daughters graduated from uni a year ago, I’m still sending them boxes of goodies to ease the pain of not seeing one another, and to give them some cheer during this time.

I’ve had a good sort out in my office and it’s now uncluttered, so my creativity has increased – although some days the words flow better than others. I’m not the only one to feel a simmering of anxiety and fear coursing through my mind at times, I’m sure. Mind you, I’ve done a thorough spring clean of the whole house – hubs even bought me a pair of special ‘bobble cloth’ slippers which go over my shoes so when I glide around, I’m picking up the cat hairs – genius!

Some local independent shops are offering home delivery of their products, so we’ve been able to support the local deli by purchasing a selection of glorious cheeses, bread and artichoke hearts, plus a cheeky bottle of red wine. I have even purchased my favourite sweets I like to eat whilst writing – yes I know without going regularly to the gym as I used to, this is a risky thing to do! I’m known as the Spog Lady (I’m obviously eating too many oops).

Hubs watched the Netflix, ‘The Tiger King’, whilst I wrote in peace, and we binged watched, ‘After Life’, which I highly recommend, although I cry at the end of each episode.

I’m grateful for having a garden to tend to and sit in, and I feel for those, like my daughters, who live in flats. I admire those parents with children at home – it can’t be easy, especially if they have no outdoor space or the children are little balls of energy as my two were when they were little. Let’s hope it’s not too long before we have a little more freedom to stretch our wings, whilst still keeping socially distant from one another. The photo is the wood-burning stove in our local pub, and I fear it will be months before we see it again – there may even be a plate of mince pies sitting on the hearth by the time we do!

Stay safe and well, folks.

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