Local beach near where we live in North Suffolk

Well here we are again, folks, in our second lockdown, in an attempt to lower the infection rate of covid-19. I am so glad we managed to see our daughters when the rules allowed, as it had been well over six months since we had last been together. I noticed how long their hair had grown, and they were kind enough not to mention how much my lockdown belly had grown!

I had given up my gym membership last lockdown and have joined an online one – although this does require an element of self-motivation, which is not always forthcoming. I finished writing a novel, which is awaiting feedback before I complete yet another round of edits , and I have started writing a chapter plan for the next one. I have been buying far too many books, and desperately need some shelves putting up as I am now just piling them up in my office. I also fiddled with my website, which was a spur of the moment decision, and one I regretted for a few minutes until I finally worked it out.

A quirky new café had just opened in town, and I had enjoyed several trips there to savour their coffee and cakes, with a book to read for company. It was also the perfect setting to work on my novel when I needed a change of scenery. This is one thing I am missing right now, but it’s somewhere I am looking forward to visiting again.

Yesterday, hubs and I went to a local beach, which was almost deserted and so invigorating. Barely a breeze, so the sound of the waves filled our ears, soothing our souls, and although the canopy was cloudy, it was a dry day. We walked quite a distance, coming across the occasional dog walker from a safe distance, obviously. The walk energised me and cleared my head of clutter that can dampen my creativity.

During the first lockdown we had glorious sunshine, which allowed us to picnic in the garden and pretend we were on holiday. This time, the weather has not been on our side – the endless days of rain were rather soul-destroying. Having said that, I am totally aware that for some people, the weather is the least of their worries. These are troubling times in so many ways, that we need to show kindness to one another, and reach out to those who may be struggling. We got to know two elderly women in our road during the first lockdown, who now have our telephone number in case they need anything.

I hope that you are coping during this difficult time, and have found ways to alleviate any anxiety or stress it might be causing you. Miranda Hart is doing a sterling job on Instagram if you’re in need of some inspiration.

Let’s hope 2021 is brighter and healthier for one and all in so many ways.

Stay safe.

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